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Monthly Archive for July, 2011

Web Hosting Control Panel & Features Updated

Hello! Our web hosting control panel has now been updated to a new layout and design. We are contantly updating our hosting and email features at no extra cost. Keep an eye on your latest features here. Thanks again for choosing us to host your website!

Control panel screen shot with options in tabs

Here's a screenshot of our new Control Panel design


Quick Links to Useful Downloads

Web Browsers
All the browsers below are free to download and for PC or Mac. If you’re not sure which one to like you can always download them all and see which ones you like!

Google Chrome


Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox 5


Internet Explorer


Microsoft Internet Explorer 9


Apple Safari compass


Apple’s Safari


For Email
Free to download and a lot better than others out there. It’s very similar to Microsoft’s Outlook. We recommend this if you want to download your emails from the web.

Mozilla Thunderbird


Mozilla Thunderbird (PC/Mac)


For Security
Free to use and if you keep the program up-to-date actually does a pretty good job.

AVG Antivirus
AVG Anti-Virus (Windows only)


For PDFs
A PDF viewer which is great for viewing books, quotes, design proofs. (PC/Mac)

Adobe PDF Reader
     Adobe PDF Reader


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Limited Edition Design 

How to Submit Your Blog to Google

Is your blog not being found in Google (Google UK)? Try searching for it here first: Blog Search and if it doesn’t show up then you can always enter your blog address here in the following way: - There is no need to put http:// or www. in front of the address.

That’s it! You’re done. Google will now take over and index accordingly with the added benefit of gaining you more readers.

I hope you liked this quick tip.

Thanks for reading,
Limited Edition Design

Website Updated

Hello! We’re currently updating our website to incorporate some of our latest design work and a spot of maintenance. If anything looks a bit odd during this time – don’t you worry, it will all be back to full working order soon. Bye for now!

Limited Edition Design

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