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Monthly Archive for October, 2011

You Design – We HTML

Our IMAGE to HTML service is perfect for graphic designers who can design a “flat” website in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator or other graphic programs – but need it to be built for the web in HTML, CSS, Flash, HTML email or other. We are happy to discuss options and we can even work as freelance so you can claim full credit.

Limited Edition Design

Photo Retouching & Photo Manipulation Service

We offer an affordable, highly skilled retouching service for correcting, repairing and rejuvenating images. We also offer photo manipulation services to clean up an image ready for print/the web.

  • Corrections – Including colours, sizes, lighting and repairs
  • Photo restoration – Including cleaning, retouching and enhancing
  • Manipulation – Including adding or deleting object (view an example below)
  • Post production – Including superimposing, visual testing and “what will it look like” services
Photo manipulation to clean up an image

Photo manipulation to clean up image (removal of polish can) ready for printing


Welcome to the Limited Edition Design blog! Now again we offer the chance to stay in touch with our latest news and offers as well as sharing useful tips, tools and links.