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Find GPS coordinates on Google Maps

Within Google Maps, simply right-click on the location – be it a business or place – and select the ‘What’s Here’ menu item. The GPS coordinates then appear in the search box jut above the map, which you can select and use as you see fit.

Map of Exmouth from Google Maps

GPS Exmouth on Google Maps

Making your Facebook business page visible to non-Facebook Users

A lot of businesses on Facebook probably don’t know this, but people who don’t have a Facebook account won’t be able to read your business/fan page. If you are on Facebook and not logged in you may see a “You need to sign-in to view this page” message or “Sign up to Facebook” form. This is what users who do not have a Facebook account will see.

To turn this off it’s quite cryptic but also quite simple to check. It’s all down to the restrictions that you may have accidentally set up or are Facebook’s default settings:

step 1) Login to your Facebook page and click Edit Page


Limited Edition Design Exmouth Facebook page

Click Edit Page



step 2) Set Age Restriction to Anyone (13+)

Also if you’re still having problems after you amend the age restriction I recommend deleting any Country Restriction (above Age Restrictions)


Limited Edition Design's age restriction check

Check the Age Restrictions and Country Restictions



step 3) Click Save and you’re done!


Save image

The best way to check is to open a fresh web browser or log out of Facebook

Thanks for reading! I hope that helps.

Limited Edition Design


What Does SEO Mean?

You may have seen the acronym SEO bounded around the internet and across our website.

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a marketing concept of improving a website to enhance the visibility in search engines, and to ultimately help you attain a higher rank in search engine results.

Thanks for reading,
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How to close the Hotmail image gap in HTML Email

Very simply, when sending HTML emails to Hotmail an image gap appears even though in Yahoo, Gmail and Apple Mail it looks fine.

To stop this from happening there is a very quick and easy fix for this issue that doesn’t affect the look of the email in other email clients.

Within the Email’s image source code:

<img src=”an-image.jpg” width=”150″ height=”250″alt=”Hello I am an Image” style=“display: block; />

Voila! You will have no more problems with image gaps in Hotmail.

If you would like us to design, host, send and track your latest email campaign, please contact us today!

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What Does Cache Mean?

OK, I’ll admit it: for reasons unbeknownst to myself and the people around me I actually pronounce it caché – with an attractive acute accent over the ‘e’ that makes it sound a lot like café. I know what you’re thinking, “My, he seems very suave”. I bet you can almost imagine me sitting by the computer holding a long-drawn cigarette pouting excessively to the air after saying it, can’t you? Well, I don’t smoke but yes, I do pout excessively after saying it. It’s actually pronounced “cash” and it’s known in many forms when talking about computers but today I am going to quickly mention about web cache and how clearing it can cure a few browser headaches.

An internet browser’s web cache helps speed up your web viewing by temporarily storing (or caching) files and information about a website and it’s pages you once visited. It actually helps minimise information passed across your network as your browser calls on a version of the website already saved on your computer.

When should I clear it?

  • If you think a webpage is not opening or operating properly. Let’s say you’re logging in with a new username and password combination with webmail and an error occurs
  • To view fresh website changes (even after a page refresh/reload)
  • Clearing the cache is safe and should not delete any important information. Clearing it every now and again is good maintenance

Clearing a web cache is easy, and can be found in your web browser’s preferences, tools or options under the privacy tab. It may be hidden in a sub-directory under “Clear History” in some browsers (i.e. Firefox), but doesn’t clear your Web History as that is kept separate from the cache.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for reading
Limited Edition Design 

Quick Links to Useful Downloads

Web Browsers
All the browsers below are free to download and for PC or Mac. If you’re not sure which one to like you can always download them all and see which ones you like!

Google Chrome


Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox 5


Internet Explorer


Microsoft Internet Explorer 9


Apple Safari compass


Apple’s Safari


For Email
Free to download and a lot better than others out there. It’s very similar to Microsoft’s Outlook. We recommend this if you want to download your emails from the web.

Mozilla Thunderbird


Mozilla Thunderbird (PC/Mac)


For Security
Free to use and if you keep the program up-to-date actually does a pretty good job.

AVG Antivirus
AVG Anti-Virus (Windows only)


For PDFs
A PDF viewer which is great for viewing books, quotes, design proofs. (PC/Mac)

Adobe PDF Reader
     Adobe PDF Reader


Thanks for reading
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How to Submit Your Blog to Google

Is your blog not being found in Google (Google UK)? Try searching for it here first: Blog Search and if it doesn’t show up then you can always enter your blog address here in the following way: - There is no need to put http:// or www. in front of the address.

That’s it! You’re done. Google will now take over and index accordingly with the added benefit of gaining you more readers.

I hope you liked this quick tip.

Thanks for reading,
Limited Edition Design

Submit Your Website to Search Engines

Everyone wants their website to found in search engines. If you haven’t already, and you don’t have any incoming links to your website, we recommend you use our Quick Links below to submit your website url:

Google -

Yahoo -

Bing! -

Top Tip · If your website is already being found in the above search engines we recommend you do not submit again.

Top Tip · Having your website hosted on UK servers (if you want your website found in UK searches) is recommended. Please click here if you require web hosting in the UK!


What Does Beta Mean?

If you’ve seen the word ‘Beta’ on a website or software and always wondered what it meant, then here’s the simple answer:

It means the website or software is in its testing stages and you may encounter some problems, bugs and errors. Beta versions are usually released and honed before a final more complete version is released.

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