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Making your Facebook business page visible to non-Facebook Users

A lot of businesses on Facebook probably don’t know this, but people who don’t have a Facebook account won’t be able to read your business/fan page. If you are on Facebook and not logged in you may see a “You need to sign-in to view this page” message or “Sign up to Facebook” form. This is what users who do not have a Facebook account will see.

To turn this off it’s quite cryptic but also quite simple to check. It’s all down to the restrictions that you may have accidentally set up or are Facebook’s default settings:

step 1) Login to your Facebook page and click Edit Page


Limited Edition Design Exmouth Facebook page

Click Edit Page



step 2) Set Age Restriction to Anyone (13+)

Also if you’re still having problems after you amend the age restriction I recommend deleting any Country Restriction (above Age Restrictions)


Limited Edition Design's age restriction check

Check the Age Restrictions and Country Restictions



step 3) Click Save and you’re done!


Save image

The best way to check is to open a fresh web browser or log out of Facebook

Thanks for reading! I hope that helps.

Limited Edition Design


How to close the Hotmail image gap in HTML Email

Very simply, when sending HTML emails to Hotmail an image gap appears even though in Yahoo, Gmail and Apple Mail it looks fine.

To stop this from happening there is a very quick and easy fix for this issue that doesn’t affect the look of the email in other email clients.

Within the Email’s image source code:

<img src=”an-image.jpg” width=”150″ height=”250″alt=”Hello I am an Image” style=“display: block; />

Voila! You will have no more problems with image gaps in Hotmail.

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